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Beyond Good and Evil Music Video (Jinx Cosplay Edition) August 12 2014

What would happen if Jinx from League of Legends brought a camera to a Machinae Supremacy concert?

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Phantom Shadow Music Trailer (Listen here) July 17 2014

Finally some music! Listen to over 6 minutes of music from our upcoming album "Phantom Shadow". Order the album and some sweet merch to go with it as well!

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Celtic SID Metal soundtrack – Check out "For My Brother" on Kickstarter July 2 2014

Machinae Supremacy have signed on to do a soundtrack for Crooked Tree Studios' For My Brother, a Metroidvania-style platformer inspired by insular art. If funded, we will make the original soundtrack, Celtic SID Metal.

Here is the concept music we made for the Kickstarter Trailer:

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New album – Phantom Shadow July 1 2014

We can finally announce that our new album Phantom Shadow is coming late August! You can pre-order the album already, along with some awesome new merch!

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WTF First gigs announced May 31 2014

The first gigs of the World Tour Fundraiser are now live and we'll be updating continuously as more gigs are confirmed.

Check out the World Tour Fundraiser page for more information, and the Tour Dates page.

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WTF Ended - France unlocked! January 13 2014

And thus, the World Tour Fundraiser has ended and the final country to be unlocked is France!

During the coming months we will continue to work on expanding the list of countries, but in order to be able to promise more than what is already unlocked we will need your help. If you know of any booking agencies, promoters or otherwise that you feel we should be in contact with, email us at contact@machinaesupremacy.com and let us know.

Beyond that, we have an album to finish! Expect epicnicity. Rewards and items collected during the fundraiser will begin to ship around the time of the coming album release (we are shooting for May 2014).

Cheers! #masuwtf

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WTF Update – Czech Republic and Belgium unlocked (+ fundraiser deadline extended!) December 1 2013

We are happy to announce that Machinae Supremacy will be coming to Czech Republic and Belgium in 2014!

We have also decided to extend the deadline of the fundraiser. A lot of people have requested this, and we decided that there is no harm in keeping it going over the holidays in case there are still those who have not yet had the chance to contribute. We are currently busy recording our new album and won't be going all-in on tour planning until early next year.

Cheers! #masuwtf

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WTF Update – The Netherlands and Poland November 21 2013

Additional countries unlocked: Machinae Supremacy are coming to The Netherlands and Poland in 2014.

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Music video – All of my angels November 15 2013

In making a music video for this song we realised that not only was the track a perfect fit for our favourite Doctor Who villain, but with the series 50th anniversary this year (only a week away), as well as the BBC poll for the #1 favourite villain of the series, it was the perfect time to do a Doctor Who tribute.

Here it is: Behold, Machinae Supremacy versus The Weeping Angels. Enjoy!

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WTF Update – Germany added to the tour October 23 2013

Germany has now been unlocked!

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WTF Update – UK added to the tour October 11 2013

United Kingdom has been unlocked. These Sidkings are going to Britain!

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WTF Update – Rob will mix and master your band's song + and other awesome new rewards October 9 2013

Today we have added a number of sweet new rewards to our World Tour Fundraiser. The first is Gordon's black Gibson Les Paul Studio II EMG, the exact guitar he played in the music video for Edge and Pearl, signed by the band.

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WTF Update – 5 Countries "unlocked" September 29 2013

Stuff is happning! We've now added TOUR STATUS to the World Tour Fundraiser page!

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WTF Update – Hidden Treasures September 27 2013

Good news everyone!

While rummaging through the darkest depths of storage we managed to find 4 more limited (first) edition white Deus Ex Machinae — 2 of which are signed by the original members at the time (Tomas, Kahl, Rob, Gordon and Jonne) — as well as 2 additional Redeemer Underground (yay!).

They have now been re-added to the rewards list.

In addition, by the end of this week we expect to be able to start updating the "Tour Status" (which countries we've "unlocked" so far).

Read more on the World Tour Fundraiser page

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